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Friday, 11 July 2014

He is just one rajin guy.

Yes, he is just one rajin guy.

That day when my husband was home, I needed more time to get ready to send him to the airport. As usual, he was ready before me. By now he has learnt that most women, including his wife take time to get ready. After performing my salah, I took off my salah attire and had to get dress. Without me asking, he folded my salah attire with the praying mat, trying to copy the way I used to fold them.

The result? Tadaaaaaa....

I know it was not that neat. However, it was his willingness to help that matters. Thank you, darling! I love you!

Yes, he is just one rajin guy. He even cooked for us when I was busy with my work that day as I was way past deadline. And, he too helped out in my grandma's kitchen, he helped my Mom at the kitchen, he helped his Mom. Oh, he is just so rajin!

I love him for his rajinness and I do not like it when people compare me to him. 'Oh, laki dia rajin, tak macam bini dia!' Yeah people, I am not that rajin, that is why Allah paired me with him, to balance things out. Do you have problem with that?

And NO, I'm not a bully! I did not even ask him to do them. He volunteered. After all, he is just one rajin guy.

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kak yah said...

Untung mu huda... aku kejelesan.. hihi..