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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Teacher's Reflection: First day at school

Today is the first day I am officially called a teacher. Usually the kids call me sister Huda, since my profession then was not a teacher, and there are two other teachers named ‘Huda’ so to avoid people to get mixed us up, one is called teacher Huda, another one teacher is Nurul and as for me, yes, they called me sister Huda.

Today I am teacher Huda Engku.

Today’s assembly, teacher Lin announced some good news, and the second good news was that a new teacher has come to join Khalifah Model School, and that the new teacher isn’t actually new to people at the school. Yay! Who on earth is she?

Everybody got so excited. Some even guessed it was me and all those while, I kept my head low. I’m such a shy person (haha!). Then teacher Lin pointed to where I was sitting and allowed the students to look at me. Awwww… segan!

Anyway, the whole day today, I spent my time going into the classes that I will take over starting tomorrow, and I had a few briefings on what needs to be covered, which books to use and which unit that the students have done. I’m going to be taking over Nadhirah’s lower-primary English, Reading and Islamic Studies classes, which she took over from another teacher.

Whenever I met older students that used to join Sisters’ Circle last year, all they asked for was, “we want Sisters’ Circle!” and I cannot agree to the idea yet since I myself am not sure about the workload that I’m going to be dealing with yet. At least give me two weeks to get things sorted and I’ll see if I can slot in Sisters’ Circle on Friday. Last year’s Sisters’ Circle ended with an outing at KLCC park where we played Explore Race and had a picnic.

And yeah, when I was in 3 Marjan, some of them asked me, “teacher garang tak?” and I was like, “errrr…”. Those who have already known me told their friends that I’m not ‘garang’. Just what is their definition of ‘garang’ anyway?

Tomorrow I would be doing the teaching on my own and I’m pretty nervous right now. Maybe I should set some rules first before we start our first lesson, and finding some cues and activities that would attract the students’ attention.

By the way, I received du’as and advices from friends for my first day. Thank you!

Later! Gotta plan tomorrow’s lesson.

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