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Friday, 1 April 2016

Brave. Stupidity isn't included.

I had this thought months ago. I started thinking seriously about it last year, and it got more serious after my husband got transferred back to Semenanjung Malaysia. In the beginning it was so vague and confusing, not to mention wild and crazy too because nowadays we are fed with the thought life without a degree would be hard and the economy isn't looking so bright these days.

I wanted to resign from my current post.

I gave it a careful thought. I asked opinion from my husband and my friends who are now stay-at-home wife and mothers. One friend encouraged it. Another did not because she said it would get boring. For my husband, he would let me resign only if I am clear of what I want to do after I have resigned.

I told my friends about it and they said it was a brave decision. You have to be careful when you decide to be brave. You have to find out what would you go through if you make certain decision. You really can't do it blindly. Be brave, not stupid.

What is my plan after resigning?

I want to learn cooking. I want to learn baking. I want to make sure I am beautiful, fit and in a good shape. I want to make sure our home would be clean and tidy every time my husband comes home. I want to write. I want to start a home-based business. It is never about my pay.

Now I have started selling blouses and dresses. Before this I used to sell acne cream but I stopped after a while. I have to start from the bottom and I can't give up, one step after another. I join classes on skills and marketing. Before this I used to go to Business Model Canvas (BMC) class. Last weekend I learnt about Facebook Ads. Can't wait to put knowledge into practice.

Anyway, inshaAllah my resignation starts at the end of May 2016.

It was a hard decision as I love working with my Khalifah family. I have been a staff of Khalifah Institute (now Khalifah Education Foundation/Yayasan Pendidikan Khalifah-YPK) since August 2009. My first post was as an assistant training executive. I managed training for Khalifah Training and Consultancy. Then I became a teacher at Khalifah Model School (Primary) for a few months before moving to Khalifah Model School (Secondary) in 2014 until now. My bosses are very understanding and caring lot and everyone is like a family to me.

Even though I resign, I hope I'd still get the chance to help YPK in the future.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I'm not ugly.

Oh. Did I tell you that I'm getting larger these days?

I'm being mocked at by some people. It's kind of sad because it shows the real ugliness in you. Moga Tuhan balas perbuatan kau orang di kemudian hari.


Monday, 21 March 2016

#lifeofahuda now.

I. Am. Back.

LOL. Berkurun sekali baru singgah buang sawang di blog ini.

Well, hello there folks! I'm going to make another attempt to consistently write on my blog, even if it means writing a few lines.

Lately I have been extremely busy that I do not have time to write. People will tell me that I'm just making an excuse. Say what you want, live my life and you'll know.

My parents' place is now 98% done with renovation. It took us more than half year to live with bricks and dust, thanks to our first contractor. He did his work without proper planning, causing us too much trouble and so my dad refused to continue his service even though at that time there was a lot of work to be done. After that dad called the contractor we are used to to continue the work. He did the renovations at our old place in Gombak some years back. We prepared a room for his workers to stay because he is based in Gombak and our house is like one hour away.

Then my brother got married, and as usual, kau yang kawin, aku yang sibuk because yes, I'm the eldest sister so I HAVE to do everything even though my plate was already full. To my new sister-in-law, welcome to our family. Make this opportunity to become a better person and makes it easier for you to enter Jannah, inshaAllah.

After one year and eight months, finally my husband and I get to live together. It was on my brother's wedding day, after his solemnization at the masjid in Sungai Petani that we found out. It was a double joy for our family. Alhamdulillah!  For now we live with my parents because we need time to look for proper place to live in with rent within our budget.

Currently I am still teaching at Khalifah Model School (Secondary) and I am preparing my students to take IGCSE O Level's English as a Second Language exam end of this year. Teaching them have given me opportunity to self-reflect on my future plan. Will reveal that next time when it's proper.

Okie dokie. I'm off to sleep.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Coffee Brewing Workshop at IO Galleria @ IOI City Mall

Had a great time learning about coffee brewing yesterday. It was organized by IOI Properties and Dankoff Coffee Academy conducted the short workshop. I've been wanting to try the espresso machine and I finally had the chance. The workshop was enough for those who want to brew their own coffee at home. The participants were taught about the variables that would make coffee taste different from one to another. Dankoff Coffee Academy is offering a few SCAE Coffee Diploma modules for those who are interested. Among the modules they have are Barista Skills, Brewing, Sensory Skills and Roasting. If your are new, you can sign up for foundation modules. If you have worked at a coffee shop and have experience operating an espresso machine and doing coffee art, and are comfortable doing them, then you can sign up for intermediate modules. Once you have complete each module, you can choose whether to be certified or not by SCAE.

The full course and getting certified demand money but then, just like my boss used to say, 'duit boleh cari'. So yeah, jom cari duit untuk generate more duit then we would have more to share with more.

Thanks IOI Properties for organizing this workshop and thanks Dankoff Coffee Academy for sharing knowledge on coffee brewing. Looking forward to join some of the coffee modules in the future. Meanwhile, should get myself a coffee brewing machine. ;)

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Malaysians dan Babi

Siang tadi pergi workshop bancuh kopi. Ramai pesertanya bukan Islam. Kami cuba buat coffee art, ada yang buat muka bear atas cafe latte tapi tak jadi. Dia minta trainer yang lebih expert buatkan. Katanya coffee art dia tak ada rupa bear tapi rupa babi. Saya berada di belakang dia. Lepas tu suami dia dah serba salah, minta maaf dengan saya. Si isteri pun turut serba salah. Supaya tak awkward, saya tengok dalam cawan dia, kemudian saya kata, memang ada rupa babi dan gelak. Dia pun gelak sama.

Saya rasa sangat kasihan terhadap segelintir orang bukan Islam di Malaysia yang terpaksa jadi sangat berhati-hati dengan segelintir orang Islam di Malaysia. Nak sebut 'babi' depan kita pun serba salah padahal babi tu kan nama binatang. Bukan dia suruh kita makan babi. Bukan dia panggil kita babi.

Tadi saya tak rasa offended pun apabila dia describe coffee art dia rupa macam babi. Sebab dia bukan kata muka saya macam babi.

Babi cuma haram dimakan. Jika tersentuh babi, perlu disertu kalau tak, tak suci nak beribadah. Menyebut perkataan 'babi' tak salah melainkan kau pergi panggil orang dengan panggilan 'babi' dan orang tu tak suka.

Memang betullah babi ni Tuhan buat sebagai ujian buat orang Islam. Bukan saja ujian tahan ke tak dari makan benda haram tapi ujian pandai dan sabar ke kita deal dengan dunia yang penuh dengan pelbagai pendapat tentang babi. Moga kita dalam golongan orang yang tahan diuji.

(originally posted on my personal Facebook)